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We develop patented multi-functional organ-on-a-chip devices and assays for drug discovery and diagnostics. Visit our website

Your best partner for Human DNA & Cot DNA. Visit our website

Accelerating the Development of Programmable Cells. Visit our website

Shining a new light on insurmountability  . Visit our website

Enabling pharmacist to produce personalized medication, locally and on demand. Visit our website

We want to make Organ-on-Chip an accessible technology. Visit our website

We create reliable diagnostics. Visit our website

Reach the unreachable, treat the untreatable. Visit our website

Enabling personalised therapeutics. Visit our website

Eureka Globalstars grant for the development of a Drug Delivery Platform. Visit our website

Unlocking the prosphatase target class. Visit our website

Helping patients overcome untreated kidney diseases with RNA-bases therapies. Visit our website

The first Transcriptomic Medicine company Visit our website

IT for modern manufacturing. Visit our website

Driving force in building a biobased economy. Visit our website

Fabricating the future. Visit our website

Tackling epidemics at their source.  Visit our website

Vaccine delivery in the skin. Visit our website

Leiden University’s holding company. Visit our website

Manufracturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products and OTC medications. Visit our website

Bioneedle is all about vaccination logistics. Visit our website

Agrifood fungi diagnostics. Visit our website

Development and validation of new methods and algorithms for analysing data.

Predicting treatment outcome. Visit our website

Food for medical purposes. Visit our website

Al powered biological interpretation of omics data. Visit our website

Enabling discoveries and innovations. Visit our website

Connecting cytokines for the benefit of patients. Visit our website

Innovation in Biotechnology. Visit our website

International consulting firm in life sciences. Visit our website

Solving the insolvable – formulation development. Visit our website

Boosting protein production. Visit our website

Lab equipment, chemicals and supplies for materials science. Visit our website

Platform technology for intracellulair delivery of bioactive molecules. Visit our website

Nikon BioImaging lab. Visit our website

A partnership between MSD and Sanofi Pasteur to offer a pediatric vaccine for infants and toddlers. Visit our website

Better pyrogen testing without animal cruelty. Visit our website

Leiden University Medical Center. Visit our website

Automate your experiments. Visit our website

Production of pharmaceuticals, food supplements, medical devices, cosmeceuticals. Visit our website

Transforming into a leading innovation district. Visit our website

Laboratory equipment and lab furniture. Visite our website

Chicken egg gendering. Visit our website

Discovering true targets in ocology. Visit our website

Business development & licensing in Life Sciences.

The right chemotherapy every time, all the time. Visit our website

Preventing and helping reduce (over)sensitive inflammatory processes in brain, eyes, skin, lungs Visit our website

Exploring plants and their products. Visit our website

Non-profit multi tissue center. Visit our website

Conditioned & secured storage of pharmaceuticals. Visit our website

Discover the infinite power of partnership to drive scientific discovery. Visit our website

Circular energy cell transforming H2 fuel into electricity or vice versa. Visit our website

Oxidation catalysts, accelerators and activators. Visit our website

Solutions in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Visit our website

A biotech company focused on development of innovative therapies targeting synthetic lethal metabolic dependencies in cancer.

CDMO with expertise in viral vaccines, virotherapy, proteins and antibodies. Visit our website

Creating acces to the best bone void filling solutions.  Visit our website


Rare metabolic disorders. Visit our website

Experts in cannabinoid application technologies. Visit our website

Deep knowhow of engineering, automation and compliance.  Visit our Website

Oligonucleotide-based RNA modulating therapies to CNS disorders Visit our Website


The world ophthalmic tissue repair expert.  Visit our Website


Development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccins.  Visit our website


Your sourche for eternal F4P antibodies.  Visit our Website


Targeted immune system activation. Visit our website

Develops Medicines for the treatment of brain and eye diseases. Visit our website

Humans tissue models for better therapies Visit our website

Innovative chemical safety testing services. Visit our website

Drug discovery technology. Visit our website

Next-generation viral vector platform. Visit our website

We povride ICT with smart simplicity and securety. Visit our website