Case study Aeonian Biotech and Levels Diagnostics

We love the success stories of our tenants, especially when tenants create value for each other. This happened recently when Coen Breedveld of Levels Diagnostics and Jan Voskuil of Aeonian Biotech connected on the topic antibodies.

Years ago, Jan Voskuil recognized that the weak validation of antibodies influenced the work of many researchers in the field and started working on a solution. With his extensive knowledge and experience in working with antibodies, he developed a tool that allows for rating antibodies before purchasing: Aeonian Rating.

In the meantime, a team of young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs set out to start the company Levels Diagnostics, aimed at finding biomarkers indicative of immune responses resulting from either viral or bacterial infections. Validation by ELISA technology is core business; reliable antibodies are crucial in the design of the required validation assays in the laboratories of Levels Dx.

During one of the network events at Leiden Bio Science Park, Jan and Coen connected, resulting in a successful collaboration. Interested in more details? Read the case study written by Ivo Horn of Picamed, a company focused on scientific writing and translating science for educational purposes.

Case study Aeonian Biotech en Levels Diagnostics

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Pionieren in de Polder

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