BioPartner Book – Starter and Oil of Leiden Bio Science Park

Before 1980, Leiden was an impoverished factory town, which happened to have a University. As one of the poorest cities in The Netherlands, there was no focus on biotechnology, let alone a bio science park, not by the university and not by the municipality. But a couple of years later, against all odds the first start of Leiden Bio Science Park was a fact. Since then, the park has experienced tremendous growth, and important medical breakthroughs have been made by companies at this

How did it all begin? Who were the pioneers that layed the ground work for this center of medical innovations?

Leiden historian Cor Smit wrote a book about BioPartner and the development of the park, named BioPartner – Starter and Oil of Leiden Bio Science Park. The book is full of inspiring stories of inventive men en women, those who worked at the park several decades ago and those who are working there today.

Buy your copy at book stores Kooyker and de Kler in Leiden or inform at BioPartner if copies are still available.

Pionieren in de Polder

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Pionieren in de Polder

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